Monday, August 1, 2011

GM Gives Its Go Ahead to Thrifty Pontiac G3


A not so new Pontiac model will be creating its way to the market in Spring 2009, and if you believe you've noticed the automobile before, you're perfect.

Currently becoming sold in Canada as the Pontiac G3 Wave, GM has kept the vehicle away from the US market place, but is altering their method in a bid to bolster the Pontiac brand with an economical car. A close inspection of the vehicle will reveal one additional factor: it is already being sold in the US as the Chevrolet Aveo, proving as soon as once more that badge engineering is alive and effectively with Common Motors.

Sound confusing? Properly, it is. Oftentimes, an automaker will sell a automobile in one market, but preserve it out of one more industry even when the two markets are almost identical as they are with Canada and the US. Automakers will quite often appease dealers in 1 marketplace by providing a particular model, but when news travels to the adjoining marketplace of that car's availability, neighboring dealers will press for the car's introduction too.

Called the Pontiac G3 Wave in Canada, the auto will drop the Wave designation when it hits US showrooms this Spring. The model nomenclature fits in with Pontiac strategy which already consists of the G5, G6, and G8 models.

The Pontiac G3/Chevrolet Aveo is built in South Korea by GM Daewoo, the company's Korean subsidiary. The Pontiac variant will be a 5-door hatchback, while Chevrolet sells each a hatchback and a sedan version of the auto.

Powered by a 1.6L I4 engine, transmission options contain a 5-speed manual or four-speed automatic. In contrast to some entry level vehicles, the Aveo comes regular equipped with air conditioning, side impact airbags for front passengers, an audio jack, and GM's OnStar navigation method for 1 year.

On the exterior, the usual Pontiac badges and grill will be evident with a couple of good touches regular: fog lamps and hatchback spoiler.

Fuel economy for the auto must be 34 mpg, providing Pontiac one more fuel efficient model for the brand's fleet. Retail prices haven't been set yet, but with the Aveo hatchback retailing for as low as $11,000, similar costs should really be available for the G3.

Will clients contemplate the G3? In these days of elevated gas costs and tight credit, the G3 could be an cost-effective, fuel efficient commuter auto, just the perfect vehicle for the moment.

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