Monday, August 1, 2011

The First Pontiac Grand Am


From its introduction in late 1972 to the present day the Pontiac Grand Am has remained an inspirational automobile, spawning a variety of imitators and impostors, but none that carry off the idea with fairly the similar style. Of course, those early cars were particularly different to the present day models, and with good reason, The early 70's had been heady days indeed the oil crisis was just around the corner, despite the fact that we did not know it, and the 1st Grand Am models came equipped with 6.5 liter or 7.four liter V8 motors.

This was the age of the muscle vehicle, those large bore monsters that epitomized the American automobile business of the day, and the Grand Am fitted perfectly into the market. The larger engine gave a mighty 250bhp, and fans of the automobile still wonder what the planned, but stillborn, 310bhp version would have been like. Both 4 door sedan and two door coupe were built, and the Grand Am proved so well-known that over 40,000 had been sold in the initially year of production.

One intriguing feature of the Pontiac Grand Am in its original guise was the nose, a molding of particular plastic that was created to go back to its right shape in the event of a minor collision! Reclining front seats were a further unusual feature, 1 that was seldom observed on American cars of the era. The initial Grand Am models are regarded as the Holy Grail by collectors, and when the oil crisis began to make a mark in 1974 sales plummeted.

Indeed, the 1975 sales year saw just 10,000 Grand AMs sold, a quarter of those that had been snapped up in the initial year, and GM took the choice to scrap the model there and then. There are still a lot of original Pontiac Grand Ams on the roads, lovingly tendered and cared for by dedicated enthusiasts with a adore for this revered vehicle.

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