Monday, August 1, 2011

The 2007 Pontiac Solstice Gives Latest Meaning to "Rubber Necking"


Fascinating style, tremendously great handling, as effectively as fuel effectiveness of 20 mpg city, 28 mpg freeway from a 177 horsepower engine is not the factor 1 anticipates from a doubtful place: GM. Driving the 2007 Solstice, you will expertise the sort of ride, and rubber-necking you did anticipate from a even more luxurious German or Italian sports auto. Its various decent looks, precise steering, tough brakes, flexible ride, and an great exhaust note makes it all the much more pleasant in the $19,420 price series as of each the Honda S2000 and the Mazda Miata. Bob Lutz’s kid, the 2007 Solstice, is not perfect but as a clean, pleasing roadster, it undoubtedly is lovable.

A gasp of fresh air, the 2007 Pontiac Solstice supercharger was launched to the humankind as a notion automobile in Detroit at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, as well as green-lighted for creating a short though soon after. The 2007 Solstice consists of good results on lots of stages. Initially, it’s a roadster that does not appear like any other vehicle on the street with its bonnet up or down. Secondly, it’s a modest manufacture run (averaging 15,000-20,000 automobiles per year) so not each individual on your cul-de-sac will possess 1. Thirdly, it is most certainly a nicely-built vehicle in conditions of performance, design and finishing.

The inner of the 2007 Pontiac Solstice would attract, even somebody as fussy as James Dean, with its fresh, minimalist fashion. The relaxed cockpit has fitted snuggly leather seats that steadfastly hug you as soon as you step in, and the deceptively simple and easy dials or buttons give fantastic primitive feedback. The sporty internal has an instantly recognizable European high-class really feel to it. The single disadvantage to the Solstice’s central is the roof consumption mechanism that needs some attempt to set in spot.

For the motoring perfectionist, a supercharged edition of the Pontiac Solstice through two hundred and fifty horses on tap will be obtainable in late 2007. Having said that the non-turbo edition has lots of guts. Push on the accelerator and the back wheel drive 2007 Solstice leaves from zero to sixty inside 7.two seconds. Even though, this begin is not as quick as the Honda S2000 or the Mazda Miata, the two.4-liter, 177 horsepower aligned four-cylinder offers 166 lbs/ft. of torque. As a result when the auto is out of bed and running there’s slight to protest about.

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